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We all know that English is a funny language. How else can you explain the words bough, through, and rough all being pronounced differently despite ending in –ough?

English is also tricky phonetically and especially when it comes to there, their, and they’re. All different words, all different meanings, all pronounced the same.

For the most part, Joe Average will know the difference and use the word which pertains to the conversation. Even kids tend to know the difference and may use the correct one. IDK, perhaps I’m giving them too much credit in this world of SMS shortcuts and acronyms.

(And just to show my age and how long I’ve been online, here’s one for you: “A/S/L?”*)

Then there’s this ad that I grabbed from an email. It was for an event that Monster Energy Drink was returning to after an absence of a couple of years.

Now let us all pop open a can of Monster, lift it to the heavens above and proudly proclaim in unison…



Say what?

I can’t place the blame for this most grievous error entirely on Monster because chances are they didn’t see the ad; it could have been thrown together by the event’s organizers who are mostly volunteers. Trust me. I know.

But come on, there’s no way this makes any sense so it should have been caught by anyone who may have seen it.

Then again, maybe [sic] theirs more to it.

*”A/S/L,” for you younger ones, was chatroom lingo for “Age, Sex, Location” back when chatrooms and IM programs like AIM, ICQ, and YIM were the big thing. Total icebreaker when someone new wandered into the room.

Two Much Trouble

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The number zero and the letter O keys are in close proximity to each other on the standard English keyboard and in all the years I’ve been typing, I’ve never mistakenly used the zero in place of the O or vice-versa. (Doing so would involve USING LOTS OF CAPS AND I DON’T DO THAT OFTEN.)

What’s more amazing than that? I never took a typing course and can still manage a respectable 45 WPM without looking at the keyboard. Ahem. Anyway…

If I ever did transpose those characters, several alarms of varying pitches and tones would probably go off in my head as a way to bring attention to this most grievous error.

They just don’t look the same as is obvious when looking the word “two” in all caps:

  • TWO (letter O)
  • TW0 (zero)

Case in point: tonight’s example. This book was spotted at Costco shortly after Barack Obama was sworn in as President. I captured it not for this blog (which wasn’t even a thought at the time) but because, well, it’s one of those crazy things I do.


Look at the O in “TWO” and compare it to other Os on the spine of this book. It sure looks different, doesn’t it? That’s because it’s a zero!

Maybe the publisher was in a rush to get this book to press in order to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the American people who wanted a memento of this historic event.

That or maybe their pr00freader was out to lunch and they had a deadline to meet.

No, really. This should have been caught. It’s so ugly and wrong.

Oh That’s Nasty

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In social media circles today is Throwback Thursday or, as it is known by its hashtag, #TBT.

That said, I thought I’d post this picture as a way to participate in the festivities. It was taken in 2011 and lost among the thousands of phone pictures I’ve taken over the years. I just happened to come across it today while scouring my 2TB external hard drive and want to share it since it most definitely falls in line with this blog’s subject matter.

In Mexican supermarkets, there’s almost always a pan dulce (sweet bread) display case that is full of product. For health reasons (and local law requirements), the displays have a pair of tongs at each door so that customers always have them available when picking up their bread.

Tongs. But tonsils?


Obviously, something got lost in the translation when this sign was made because picking the bread up with your tonsils is not only very unsanitary, but also physically impossible.

The Minuteman

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I found this on the Twitter so I thought I’d share it here.


Thanks to @lauraelizdavis for posting this!

Sahara and Mojave, Please

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Well, I get my choice of deserts, don’t I?

Which desert would you choose? Or would you rather have dessert?


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I thought I’d throw this one out here for fun since it’s just coincidental.

While it’s great to know that the American Automobile Association will provide stranded motorists with their own branded replacement batteries should they ever need one, the text almost makes it sound as if the company will deliver and install, well, batteries of a much smaller voltage and size in your TV’s remote control.

I wonder how many triple-A batteries a Tesla Model S would require…

It Happens to the Best of Them

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The Walt Disney Company. What else needs to be said? They bring magic to life by way of various forms of entertainment including, of course, their famed amusement parks around the world.

And if you’ve ever been to any of them, I’m sure you’ll agree that the places are about as close to perfection as you’re going to get. They were so strategically planned and built that you simply forget about the world outside, as was Walt’s intention.

But even The Happiest Place on Earth is not infallible. Take a look at this sign that was posted on the Disneyland Scoop Facebook page.


Here we see, one again, that the pesky everyday vs. every day battle is one that will continue to be fought and in this case, lost. I went over said battle in my last post and also included the simple rules to follow should you be a tad confused about the proper term.

Almost perfect, Disney. You were so close.

And I won’t mention the missing drop shade on the C in “March”…

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